Sunday, April 1, 2012

Can Measuring Customer Satisfaction Be Easy and Affordable?

In an tough economy like this, everyone knows that customer satisfaction is vital. Just like you, your customers are reviewing every expense and questioning every long-standing decision. Studies show it costs 12 times more to win a new account than to maintain an existing one.
The problem with measuring customer satisfaction resides in the measurement process. Invariably this process includes:
1. Design a great survey questionnaire. 
2. Implement the actual survey instrument (a printed survey, a web page)
3. Distribute the survey.
4. Ask clients to fill out the survey.
5. Collect the filled out surveys.
6. Tabulate the responses in a usable format.
7. Analyze the results.
Each step of this process must be completed in order to effectively measure customer satisfaction. Fortunately there is an innovative new tool on the market, which can help you to reduce the time, effort and cost significantly. Quite frankly, customer satisfaction measurement has never been so simple.
The new system, which permits you to easily and affordably track your customer satisfaction, guarantees two additional benefits:
1. Integrate customer satisfaction measurement into your daily business processes. Since your customers are answering the survey right at the checkout counter, while waiting for their receipts, you will achieve excellent participation rates.
2. It not only provides quantitative measurements, but you also get direct customer feedback in realtime. The truth is measuring customer satisfaction can be easy. As easy in fact as picking up the phone and calling toll free 1-877-448-7865.
Gustometria is realtime measurement of customer satisfaction. Unhappy customers go away and seldom come back. That's why you should realize customer research. Our powerful consumer survey tools are simple, affordable and highly effective

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Find the Home of Your Dreams and Live the Life You Deserve

Buying and owning a home is a universal dream that most people aspire to. It is true, home ownership is not a cheap endeavor however, with the right information and guidance you can own the home of your dreams.
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Brendan O'Donnell is a Head of Sales and Marketing department of Choice Home Loans. Choice Home Loans offers obligation free advice and encourages all potential home owners to submit mortgage and refinance inquiries.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Is the Customer Always Right?

When department store tycoon Gordon Selfridge opened his namesake store in London, over 100 years ago, his flair for marketing was apparent from the moment the front doors opened. Today shoppers are typically greeted with a fine mist of fragrance as they step into department stores around the world and yet, Mr. Selfridge's best-known legacy may be the expression; "The customer is always right."
Strong words.
The problem is unrealistic expectations when it comes to customer service. One industry particularly prone to excess, or some would say abuse, is the hospitality industry where a typical cliché involves a disgruntled wine snob demanding replacement of a half-empty bottle. A constant refrain, some would say mantra, during my courses on dining is: show respect to people in hospitality. The kitchen was under renovation and every morning the contractors arrived with hot coffee for all. Wow!
Unquestionably, the customer has a right to certain expectations. Take for example, the experiences of a forty-something woman we'll call Cindy. New to the slightest touch of grey, she was encouraged to stretch her hair-care budget and book an appointment for colour and a cut at the salon favoured by younger colleagues. Cindy paid her bill and silently cursed herself for overspending - poor coverage of her grey. Cindy was furious.
Apparently, the referring colleagues convinced her to call the salon. The owner immediately offered to provide a refund - or correct both the colour and cut. This time, the colour coverage was fine but the result was abysmally dark. Cindy left in tears and by the time she got home, could barely contain herself. This time, miraculously, all went well. Perfect. Cindy called the salon and was declined an appointment. Not my business but personally, if I had an unhappy client, right or wrong, I'd do everything in my power to regain the highest level of customer confidence. Imagine the benefits of a satisfied Cindy happily broadcasting her enthusiasm. Chacun à son gout.
How Is Your Personal and Professional Image? Diane Craig
Image and Etiquette Expert
Diane Craig, President of Corporate Class Inc., is a leading image and etiquette consultant. For over 20 years she has provided corporate consultations, helping hundreds of men and women realize their professional and personal goals. She is a sought after speaker at national business meetings, regularly gives comprehensive workshops to corporate groups, and offers private consultations on business etiquette, dress and dining.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Your Customers Want Consistency - Give Them Consistency, You'll Increase Their Satisfaction

Consumer confidence increases when consistent results are produced. Customer satisfaction increases based on consistency and relationships. Relationships, whether professional or personal, are built on the solid foundation of trust. Should your consistency fluctuate, the referral will sound like "Try XYZ Company. Regardless if you are going into a chain coffee house, hiring a caterer, working with a realtor, or working with a large office furniture manufacturer, customers want consistent quality products and services. Relationships factor greatly into the consistency equation. The customer is looking to see if they are being treated well each and every time. Your customer service reputation is only as strong as your weakest link. All associates in your company need to be delivering excellent customer service, in each and every interaction.
The customer will recognize the consistency of exceeding their expectations while holding true to the core values your company was built upon.
Your customers will thank you for it.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Understanding Customer Service

Does your organization share the same view of customer service? Having an organizational philosophy around customer service is as important as having a mission and vision statement. A business cannot gain a competitive advantage through mediocre transactions with customers. What does customer service mean to you? Service wins the game." Here is our customer service definition.
Customer Service is a philosophy of being customer-focused, put into daily practice by all employees. It is understanding that your perceptions influence the type of interaction with the customer. The customer is always right. Interaction vs. transaction. 
Our behaviors and how we interact with customers need to focus on building relationships (strategic, proactive, organization-initiated) versus having a transaction with a customer (reactive, customer-driven, situational).
Businesses have guidelines, which support employees in making decisions and understanding workflow, but during an interaction, the customer wants to feel like their unique need is being addressed (even if the need isn't unique at all).
Define your story. 
Customers in every business are telling a story about their experience with you once it is over. Customer focused organizations define an experience based on what their customers want and then create processes, enable technology, train and support people to action.
Happy employees = happy customers. 
Our customers will only be treated as well as our employees. Part of customer service initiatives must include strategies around hiring, retention, and motivation of our most valuable internal assets.
Here is an activity you could use to define customer service. Since you are in the business of customer service, using the flip chart "what to do" and adding answers to it, brainstorm a list of behaviours that answer the statement "Customer Service means..." You might have responses like: Customer Service means doing what you can for the customer, answering their question on the spot, following up on promises, asking strategic questions to understand the customer need and motive, etc. 
(By Jayne Kowal)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Definition of Customer Service

The definition is often misinterpreted by some businesses and used poorly in the workplace because it has been inadequately defined.
In today's business environment it is not enough to believe customer service is 'just meeting the requirements of the customer'.
The knowledge and ability to provide quality service by satisfying the customers needs
 The process of delivering first rate benefits and treating customers fairly and professionally
By taking into account the above points it is clear that to define customer service the following basic elements would be necessary........Efficiently satisfying a customer's needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during and after the customer's requirements are met.
By understanding what customer service means and how it impacts on turnover and bottom-line, businesses will not only enhance their reputation for providing quality service but be in a position to improve stale and tired internal services that will lead to increased customer loyalty and over time profit margins. (By Brandon Walker)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Customer is Bothering Me!

By Judith Pearson
"Keep the Customer - Making customer Service Your Competitive Edge" by Robert L. Desatnick. 1987.
This book explains how to turn your employees, all of them, into customer service representatives, even angelical customer service groupies. The appendix is filled with sample customer surveys and other forms, and ideas. "The Customer Comes Second - and Other Secrets of Exceptional Service" by Hal F. Rosenbluth and Diane McFerrin Peters. 1992.
The philosophy, fostering and growth of the customer service attitude is this book's strength. Making customer service a way of life, its own mission statement and a given. My thoughts are this; if you read these two books you will walk away with a much better understanding of what customer service really is, even if you have been involved in customer service all your life!
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