Sunday, April 1, 2012

Can Measuring Customer Satisfaction Be Easy and Affordable?

In an tough economy like this, everyone knows that customer satisfaction is vital. Just like you, your customers are reviewing every expense and questioning every long-standing decision. Studies show it costs 12 times more to win a new account than to maintain an existing one.
The problem with measuring customer satisfaction resides in the measurement process. Invariably this process includes:
1. Design a great survey questionnaire. 
2. Implement the actual survey instrument (a printed survey, a web page)
3. Distribute the survey.
4. Ask clients to fill out the survey.
5. Collect the filled out surveys.
6. Tabulate the responses in a usable format.
7. Analyze the results.
Each step of this process must be completed in order to effectively measure customer satisfaction. Fortunately there is an innovative new tool on the market, which can help you to reduce the time, effort and cost significantly. Quite frankly, customer satisfaction measurement has never been so simple.
The new system, which permits you to easily and affordably track your customer satisfaction, guarantees two additional benefits:
1. Integrate customer satisfaction measurement into your daily business processes. Since your customers are answering the survey right at the checkout counter, while waiting for their receipts, you will achieve excellent participation rates.
2. It not only provides quantitative measurements, but you also get direct customer feedback in realtime. The truth is measuring customer satisfaction can be easy. As easy in fact as picking up the phone and calling toll free 1-877-448-7865.
Gustometria is realtime measurement of customer satisfaction. Unhappy customers go away and seldom come back. That's why you should realize customer research. Our powerful consumer survey tools are simple, affordable and highly effective

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