Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Customer is Bothering Me!

By Judith Pearson
"Keep the Customer - Making customer Service Your Competitive Edge" by Robert L. Desatnick. 1987.
This book explains how to turn your employees, all of them, into customer service representatives, even angelical customer service groupies. The appendix is filled with sample customer surveys and other forms, and ideas. "The Customer Comes Second - and Other Secrets of Exceptional Service" by Hal F. Rosenbluth and Diane McFerrin Peters. 1992.
The philosophy, fostering and growth of the customer service attitude is this book's strength. Making customer service a way of life, its own mission statement and a given. My thoughts are this; if you read these two books you will walk away with a much better understanding of what customer service really is, even if you have been involved in customer service all your life!
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